How To Get Free Membership



Ok, read all of this.

If you have trouble I cannot help I am terribly sorry, I have too many emails already.

Do not ask me to GIVE you it, I have none and I am WAY to busy.

Ok lets get started!

First of all you can only use it in the following countries: US, Canada, UK or Australia

Ok go here to sign up-

Heres the BIG question everyone asks me, how to get points: Step 1. Click on “View Available Offers” on the left menu to see a list of current offers. You should complete an offer by following the requirements listed below each offer. You can complete the offers listed in the country category for the country that you reside in. The newest offers are listed on the first few pages

Step 2. Once an offer has been completed, you can see how many points were earned by clicking on View Completed Offers. Credited offers will be listed on this page. Offers may take up to 24 hrs to credit.


Ok to get the actually member ship go to available prizes, and once you got 6 points click that you want it it may take 2-3 days to send to your email, but its well worth the wait.



127 responses to “How To Get Free Membership

  1. oh pleaze I want to be free membership

  2. i want to be member plz

  3. Hi!!! Hey Gagernator!!! I want to be a member in ClubPenguin, but without pay or click on hacks in CP trainer… so…. That I want to conntact me, please!!!… If you really know how to become a free member… without pay or hacking in Cp TRAINER…… please conntact me quicklly if you can!!!

  4. please tell me how to get a free membership because i have tried a lot of stuff an it doesnt please please please tell me.just email me at (cant wait for your response)

  5. bethany fusssell

    i am looking for a membership for my other penguin

  6. Hay Gag if u could find a way to get free membership then that would be the best!!!

  7. wow!!!! free membership please tell me!

  8. Gagernator i was hoppping if you can help me get a membership in clubpenguin. I have been looking a free membership for almost a year and i thing i’m getting bored.Ggagernator if you can help me get a membership “thank you” but if you can’t well ok.

    ps.can i be your buddy

    pss.i hope you can read my letter to you soon

    by the way my penguin name is agent troy and my real name is nathanael chuah i now is hard to say my name and is funny to right bye and if you can get me a membership i will e-mail you my password

  9. i want to be a member ship free in club penguin

  10. please add me so we can chat too just add me at angely-atondo@hotmail and please send me a letter or anything so could know that you are listening. please and thank you bye

  11. sorry i messed up in the last one i did just email me at k thanks

  12. help me out man. how to get free membership

  13. hey can i get free member ship


  14. how to get free membership

  15. please send me the link

  16. how do u get a free member ship e-mail me at

  17. HOW DO YOU GET FREE MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. hi ! I like cheese

  19. hi!i like pie!!!!!

  20. sarah i have one thing to say. die in a hole

  21. hay can u plz make me a member on club penguin without paying or hacking in cp trainer plz if u know anything contact me quickly

  22. (No i won’t sorry) P.S Cool blog could you advertise my blog

  23. free member ship?????

  24. please i want to be a free member but im trying i cant please do for me i go to asturalia in the bigsurf it names alshamsi95 the pass word:(I dont have any membership cards left or any points on prizerebel, and dont post your pass dude, Gagernator.)

  25. plz i want to be a free member i tryed but i dont now how plz do for me every day im trying and crying but i dont now how to do it plz dp for me my peinguin name is:alshamsi95 my password is:4854643

  26. hey hhiee!!! dis is Aachal here!
    i think y should other penguinss get membership????
    i dont wanaa pay!!
    but i want 2 tell u dis…
    i want free membership!! plzzz!
    i knoe ur a busy person!
    but if u help me i would really thnk u very much!!
    plzz reply in my email id-

  27. not my real name help me get free membership plz tell me plz help heres my email help me plz also plz let this not be a scam

  28. hey i wanna be a member for free pleses

  29. also its my birth on jun 14 please i wanna be a member

  30. how do u get points?

  31. PLZ HELP ME!!! can u get me to be a member!! i beg of u!!!
    ive been on cp for 2 and a half yrs and has never been a member. PLZ help me.

  32. I use to have an account on prize rebel!!

    Gess wat??? IT DIDN’T WORK!!!

    Gagernator- Well it does work and you need to stop being a little faggot and commenting on my site rudely, I will delte any future comments if they are rude.

  33. I just noticed somtin…..U copied Watex and Fever of the little picture on the side!!!! WE EVEN HAVE THE SAME PICTURE!!!

    Gagernator- Hey idjet its me in the picture retard.

  34. why the heck are you saying that its so rude haha

  35. haha im gagernator im just tooning in to see my coments

    Gagernator- Uh no your not.

  36. koolkat445113

    plz help me b a member just send me a message on

  37. how i get points?! TELL ME PLZ PLZ PLZ

  38. i m from turkey what can i do

  39. tetegal(clubpenguin name)

    hi. i would really appriciate it if i was a srry to bother u but plz email me at if u help me out i know beyonce i can get u to meet here. shes like my moms bet friend.

  40. Hey. So i was watching your thing on youtube and i saw that you said you dont like people asking for free memberships, so im not gonna ask you for one but if you would email me how in further detail then that would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  41. please make me member 4 free please I would be really greatful email me @

  42. ur a quitter u know that

  43. I still dont get this Can you make me a free member please?…

  44. This is (sorry but ) Dumb

  45. Hi I have a member account but it will run out soon. But you dont have to get me another 1 cause im nice compared to some of these other idiates.

  46. Hello there, i have tried a lot of sites to get free membership for club penguin but nothing works could you please email me back.That will be great!

    Thanks can’t wait till you email me back!

    love from Lilly S

  47. hi gagernator

    How to become a member for free of course without cptrainer

  48. Hey ^^I subscribed to ur vids and I really badly wish to be a member =) I know you hear this from everyone ^^ Thanks so mutch for the free memberships 🙂 Mabye we cn make a vid on CP some time ^^

    –Cine Stie

  49. hey gagernatorm you can make me a free member??? 🙂

  50. hey gagernator youre page is sou cool 🙂 😉 🙂

  51. plz i need to be a member just email me at oh plz

  52. give me a free membership plz my guy on club penguin is bonzi bomber

  53. what is mean by Verify Email Address

    in the site to sign up

  54. umm I cant find clup panguin in the avaible prizes please varify

  55. Hey Gage? Can I work on this blog? I would really want to. I work on 3 so far. Jospenguin11’s, Johnnpikachu’s, and mines. Can I please?

  56. what is your username and password?

  57. i’m not in UK, USA, CA, and AU, Please help!! My account is Wock Power, comment and start to accpeting the membership invited

  58. please send me a member code please i tryed but a i cant get a memeber on the thin please

  59. plz plz

  60. plz can u find an member pin plz plz

  61. Hey how do i buy a club penguin member ship? Its not on the list?

  62. I am a bitchy mother fucker who needs a life!!!!

  63. hey gagernator i need your help!!!:(….i really want to get a membership, but free if you can help me email me at —->

  64. dude up there, nermin from turkey
    i think its a countrty
    turkey turkey turkey turkey

  65. dude, im bored
    tomorows haloween
    im goin be hmmmm
    idk yet

  66. gupy389 is cp name
    my email is (not that u would email me i just bored)
    my password is !@#^%$

  67. Hey i got fre membership now thanx alot you saved my life!!!!

  68. i hope this works

  69. where is the link to get the membership? will they e-mail u? or send something?

  70. is the offer still there?

  71. please tell me how to get free member ship email me at

  72. gagernata!! please can u create me an account in prize rebel!! i create many times but it didnt show up in my yahoo mail!! please create me an acc and just send the usrname and password–


  73. THIS SUCKS!!!!

    Im from philippines!!
    I want 2 be a member but how!!
    THIS IS 100% sucKS!

  74. how do i sign up?

  75. plz!!!!!tell me how to get a member ship im begging you! plz plz plz plz plz plz with a cherry on top e-mail me

  76. Hey i wanna b a member but i am from netherlands so sad i really wanna b a member.

  77. Please i want to be a member so bad. It would be much appriated. My email is PLZ!

  78. u guys r stupid the link is rite there^(way up there) lol =) its not that hard

  79. sup i wana be a member dame it

  80. Hi Gagernator. I really really want a free clubpenguin membership for a whole year. Can u please respone to this message. My email is:

  81. hey wazz up i really want a membership please tell me how to get it without paying for just getting it for free please you do not know how long i’ve been waiting to be a member i want it really bad it will change my club penguin account big time so anywaze please tell me thanks bye bye

    Hey it’s Red. OK well the way Gage used to get cp memberships is on , BUT I don’t think they give out Cp memberships still. You can check COSTOM prizes to see what they give away. They MIGHT still give them out!
    ~Red Rocket23~

  82. i want a free membership for two years this also goes along with the other messages i sent please let me have it

    Try to go to And when you fill out enough forms you can click ”custom prizes” and see what kind of prizes they have. Maybe they still have cp memberships. Who knows?

    ~Red Rocket23~


  83. Can you give me free membership plz and my email is :

  84. hello
    i love club penguin and i want to have a free membership if I give you my me my username and password you could do me member please?

  85. i really need a new member and im like dieing for one!

    Hey its RedRocket23. Gage can’t give memberships anymore! The site that he used to get them on, doesn’t give them out anymore.

    ~Red Rocket~

  86. Yo thanks for ur comments i am a full member now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cya . One more thing if we meet at club penguin be my buddy ……… My name is zennyooo ! Bye !!!! 😉

  87. Help me be member Please !!! Email me at because my friend stole my account and change password . Remember to e-mail miiii!!!!!!!!! CYA !!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting for ur reply 🙂

  88. please email me how to be a free member at

    Ok well… I don’t know if it matters where you live or not…but…if u go to I think they do give out free memberships. You need to click custom prizes. Then you look for the Club Penguin Memberships!

    ~Red Rocket~

  89. can you e-mail me how to become a member cos i m not a resident of the US Canada or Australia PLS!

    Go to to get a free membership. Just do whatever you need to do to get the membership. Then click custom prizes. Then look for the Club Penguin Membership.

    ~Red Rocket23~

  90. Hay Gagernator that prizerebel thing, I can’t beleav how many offers ar in their. That thing is super hard!!!!!!

  91. im ssssssssooooooooooooo confused send i an email of wht to do kk thx email:

  92. pleas i want to be a member on my club penguin i never have got a free membership i want to but i cannot?

    plzzz tell me how to do that:(

    Look at the post ”Clubpenguin Membership”

  93. i dont get it but than can you help me

    Check out the post ”Clubpenguin Memberships” for help.


  94. I want the free membershifp for Club Penguin

  95. I’st is stuped
    I dont anderstend
    what Need DO!
    To get free member!

  96. i need an easier way to get a free membership and not to sign up for these stupid gift card crap.
    I seriously need help on this one.

  97. I know wut u r talkin about but there is no cp membership in avaible prizes.

    P.S. i saw your video e-mail me at

  98. i can not wait

  99. heyy i saw you can get free membership on club penguin. i tried. but it didnt work. Im already signed up. i went on Get Your Membership n clicked on Monthly, 6 mnths, 12 mnths thingy and left fake details and it didnt work because i didnt put the rite credit card number. i tried many tyms but it doesnt work. what should i do??

  100. Yo waz up gaganator! I want free membership and on your you tube vid it said to use your fake address. Just one qweshton… WHAT IS YOU FAKE ADDRESS?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  101. i would really love to know how to become a member my problem is i am new and i do not UNDERSTAND a word of what to do if you could email me at
    that would be great

  102. hey contact me
    I did 10 offers and I got no prize,signeed up etc.. confirmed all that it said

  103. hey I need a member ship soon
    if you can give me a free membership
    email me or tell me how you do it
    my penguin name is mario world1
    thanks for your help

  104. ow I forgot you can email me at

  105. Hey wats up can u email me the info I know it will be hard for u to since you have a awesome website. So just email me the directions on how to become a free member…

    My penguin’s name is ICY PATRIOT

  106. Plz i need a free membership from my demonsasuke2 help me how to get free membership

  107. i dont am a membership….please …..i want to become a membership and please contact me at please so much………… i dont become a membership because i come from Romania please……


  109. please GAGERNATOR a free member ship

  110. i have watched all your vids but u wont give me the codes 😦

  111. Please do send me a mail. Its because iI have tried my best to get free membership and its been almost an year.


  112. please free membership please

  113. i aint from america 😦

  114. please can you give me a free membership please i tired of stupid free stuff

  115. Hey Gagernator. If you give me your password and username to, I’ll give you two penguins.
    P.S. They work!
    P.S.S. All of you that are commenting can do it too. The first one to give me their username and password to it get free penguins! So if they seem freaky, get them a membership! Tell me on one of the comments thank you!

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