Free Coins


Free Coins


Ok you may be asking yourself…. ”Gage is crazy” or’ Why would he give FREE coins away?” or even ”He’s just trying to scam us!”. I am not crazy, and I would NEVER scam anyone. But I do ask for something in return, just spread this site around as much as you can tell everyone you know. More people… more cheats ;). Now this is not a hack, it’s safe because I, Gagernator, am willing to earn this large sum of coins towards each and every one of you that want it. I simply am a wiz at cart surfer.   Ok the sum will range from about 30,000 to 100,000. Either way its a fantastic deal. You may get the lucky pot which I call ”Awesome cash” It will be the 100,000 pot. Think of the stuff you can buy with that! Every week or so we will give you even MORE cash.   How to get the 100,000 or ”Awesome Cash” We will choose at random you may never know when we do it, when you see that 100,000 or more on your penguin, you can thank us :). We will put your name up when you win your awesome cash.   We need you to email us your penguins username and password, your in good hands. We will not harm, hack, undress your penguin in any way or form. We will never give it away to anyone but you. If your password changes somehow (which it wont) you can always just change it lol.  Ok right underneath here is were the 100,000 winners will be called out.




  REMEMBER EMAIL ME YOUR USERNAME AND PASS   WORD ON CLUBPENGUIN. My email is Every week or so you   will receive 30,000 to 100,000 coins.


 100,000 winners so far…








109 responses to “Free Coins

  1. I am signed up!

  2. Ok Dokey
    Penguin: 6susie6

  3. penguin name:Cheeky888

  4. Heya! Emails nt wrkin so heres the bribble:
    peng name : Jazz94


  5. he dont ban

  6. i wasnt chewy pup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. OK all of my names are BANNED FOREVER and i need halp gage what can i do to unbanned my name plz gage gage plz help me and there all members plz gage help
    Gagerntor: Uuuuuuuh What can i do?????

  8. jazzboy your banned and thats it

  9. ok email is and username is wendyice

  10. 😦 i wanna be a member is thiis website just for coins?? 😦 or can u be a member here?

    Gagernator- I made a post on how to, i cannot give it to u it takes 2 long And like ive been telling EEEEEVVVRY ONE ELSE , ITS WELL WORTH IT SO EARN THE POINTS

  11. nice site

  12. its emmo gee and

    Gagernator-K u HAVE to email me bAck for the info i need for your penguin

  13. can i have a membership for free

    Gagernator- NO COMMENT

  14. name:icy4126

  15. any one who reedes this. be my budy. any weekend at 5:00 on tuxedo. in the dojo

  16. how do i easily get a free cp membership?

  17. email is

    penguin name is hisowaso

  18. ur tite and i like ur vids

  19. penguin name:oioe


  20. penguin name:oioe

  21. penguin name:oioe

  22. i really would like to be a member and get lots of money but i cant pay to be a member is it still possible? if so please can u make me a member !

  23. does anyone know if u this person can make u a member for free>??????????


  25. chocobedpenguin

    hi Gagernator!! im just new in clubpenguin…and i have to join this website….is it still too late for me to join??
    I have seen your Video at youtube and i want free memebership…

    here is my Penguin’s Name: Kidsty
    my email:
    I cant earn points there at that website you said because im not living there…

  26. please give me a membership

  27. is my e-mail

    My Penguin Name:Supertails8

  28. I don’t get how to earn points.. :s

  29. My penguin name: Sidney955

    My Email:

  30. email:

    penguin: Utinasnay

  31. actually keep on doing it.

  32. hi plz help me my acc name is sallad132 and my hotmail is

  33. Thanx Gage now I have 70000 coins!

    Gagernator- Np

  34. Can you gave me a gift Card ? A 12 mounth one… Plese I really want to be a member!!

    Gagernator- No what is your alls problem i keep saying I CAN’T DO IT FOR YOU, now your just making me mad. Demanding it??? This is getting stupid. NO I CANNOT GIVE YOU THE MEMBERSHIP I AM SORRY.

  35. hello i wnat to be a member with out paying on clubpenguin! But i dont know what to do email me on thankyou bi for now

  36. hi my name is olivia. i would really would like to have a free membership. thaanks alot

    from olivia

  37. hi my name is olivia

    i would really like to have a free membership on club penguin because i dont get any pocket monney and my parents won’t pay for it so please.

    thank alot olivia

  38. username:Andyspy12

  39. User: Bike Mania 3

    This looks cool!

  40. Yo Gage, Sup?

    When I became a member to G.A.C last night, wouldn’t I have my coins by now? I don’t know why I don’t have them.

  41. i reallllllllllyyyyyy neeeeeeeeed club penguin
    MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THX

  42. kewl-o–0-0–0-0-0-
    How do you do it?

  43. E-mail:
    Penguin name: Nsdtv

    Please dont ban me Im already banned once.
    And I sayd sh*t but I wanted to say shifts cuz I had a restaurant. And your very helpful to broke penguins. so

  44. thank you for letting me become a member

  45. how do you get the free membership

  46. Nsdtv is right! GAGERNATOR IS AWESOME! Plus you don’t have to do the work of playing cart surfer like 10 times to get something! It really helps.
    wait lemmi think….

  47. ok

    my penguin name is :kakashi744



  48. Kakashi your asian!?!?!??!?!

  49. Gage,when you say 8 days,do you mean WAIT 8 days or you have been a member for 8 days?

    Bike Mania 3

  50. i wana be a member ship, penguin name is: iperia
    OK?! plz PLZ


    Gagernator- No you didn’t, if you do want to leave your peng name and email here and email me your penguin info.

  52. Yay G.A.C is awesome!

  53. Hey Dude Whats This For

  54. i want to be a six month member please please please please please i been waiting to please

  55. ugh… going to random places. and talking.
    hey gage,
    havent gotten any coins in awhile.

  56. wth!! i didnt kno kakashi was asian!! wow

  57. yeai haven’t gotten mine eather and i’ve seen you in chat.

  58. can i be a member plz my username is tomrai1 replay me

  59. can i be a member my username is tomrai1 replay me

  60. HI!!!!!! my penguin’s name is: Yoshio9182
    and my Email is:

  61. kewl website

  62. cool website

  63. hi cheeky cheeky your famous can you sometime put me in a video im a fast typer

  64. Alright, here goes dude:
    Name: Sora7643

  65. Dear magnator I want a membership for club pegung so give me one and i will leave you alone

    Gagernator- Hey Genius, Its ”GAGERNATOR”, and how bout you leave me alone, and get nothing, or you know, I can ignore it retard.

  66. my email is
    name obviously duckduck1234

  67. my e-mail is ok

  68. my email is:

    name of penguin: ninja95888

    plz make me a member

  69. ok

    my email

    name of penguin Taylortt11

    plz make me a member


  71. HI gage im ur buddy on cp
    penguin name:Ptyw8 (just cause i have candy in my email doesnt mean im fat)

  72. plz make me a member

  73. can any one make me a member plz!!!!

  74. penguin name : orangepie97

  75. user:bacons100

  76. penguinname jona90 password is

  77. penguin name is jona90

  78. user: knez95

    Hey Deya it’s Red Rocket23. We know you want us to make your penguin a member…but. I don’t think Gagernator can anymore. And don’t give our your password on a website like this. Many people visit this. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to your penguin! ‘Cause there is people that will hack your penguin. And it’ll be banned. So just be careful not to give your password to anyone! And I promise i wont even go on your penguin.

    ~Red Rocket23~

  79. plz give me a membership and coins

  80. Go to and enter contest & how…. comment and ask 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 plz & thx u

  81. please give me coins

    penguin: Icypoos

    lol so plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz get mi coins

  83. I have told every one of my friends that play club penguin to go to this site, YOU ARE THE BEST

  84. my username is pink15390 and my email is

  85. i gave u my p.w and user on e-mail i love ur site

  86. hey I need coins I am all out
    please I bag you my email is
    my user name is mario world1


  87. dude i dont care if u steal my account i just need coins NAME: pi6tak E-mail GGORRO@ABV.BG

  88. may i have coin please nd thanks

  89. how do i get money i didn’t get it

  90. just incase either u or red is on…
    penguin~ icerage 101
    ~rage~ pce out..

  91. Hey dude can you please make me a member if you have yahoo messanger here is mine will talk to you there ok please just add me on yahoo i will give my spiecal acount please!

  92. plz guys i luv you gagernata your the best i watch all your videos plz can you get me this i only get 20 minuts a week on the internet and i dont have much time to earn money please give me the cash my familys so pore please your NUM 1# fan Bubbles827

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